THR Premium

Our THR Premium package offers enhanced support and the tools you need.


THR Premium Subscription

THR Premium

Our THR Premium package includes access to our THR Portal, plus unlimited HR and employment law advice from an experienced HR Business Partner.

From £99 per month

(based on the number of employees)

Introduction call with a free HR Health and Compliance check

Bespoke employment contracts and Staff Handbook for your business

Access to HR letter templates, forms, and management guidance on our Portal

Unlimited over-the-phone / virtual call HR support and advice

Document updates in line with legislation changes

Six monthly partnership call to review to service

Option to implement HR Software at an additional cost

Discounted rate if you require on-site support

Rolling 12-month contract


What happens after subscribing?

Upon subscribing, you will receive a phone or virtual call where we’ll guide you through the portal and conduct an HR Health and Compliance check – this allows us to create your bespoke staff handbook and contract of employment.

All these documents will be available on the portal and are fully customisable.


Who would benefit?

This option is ideal for small businesses needing support with people management, employee relations, recruitment, growth, and more.

This package provides an enhanced level of support by enabling us to bespoke your staff handbook and contract of employment, ensuring your business is legislatively safe and protected.


What are the costs?

Pay monthly

This is a 12-month rolling subscription and the price is based on the number of employees. Costs start from £99 + VAT per month with an upfront, one-off payment which will depend on the size of your business.

During the subscription, we will send you our latest news articles as well as update any policies and inform you of the changes.

In addition, subscribers also benefit from discounted rates on additional HR project support and HR System Software.


Frequently asked questions

How is this different from the THR Essentials package?

The THR Essentials package is designed to keep costs low for small business owners while providing essential guidance and support to keep their businesses compliant and their employees engaged. It’s ideal for those who are confident in handling employment law issues and people management processes independently.

The THR Premium package includes everything in the Essentials package plus unlimited telephone and video call support with our experts. This allows for in-depth understanding and personalised guidance on any issues you face. Additionally, upon subscribing to the Premium package, we conduct an audit to understand your specific needs and create a bespoke staff handbook and contracts of employment, ready for immediate implementation. We also provide you with important legislation updates as well as give you the wording to update your staff handbook.

How do I sign up for THR Premium?

To sign up for THR Premium, please contact us so we can discuss your business needs and determine the monthly payment based on the number of employees you have. If you decide to proceed, we will arrange the first payment and ask you to set up a direct debit for the remaining payments. Once you’ve signed up, we will either complete the audit immediately or schedule a convenient time to go through it with you.

What are the pricing plans?

Our pricing plans are based on the number of employees within your business. 

THR Essentials 

The cost for 12 months of access to our HR Documents Portal is £440 + VAT is paid annually, or £44 per month + VAT if paid monthly.  

Discounted ad-hoc payment for additional support is £75 + VAT per hour for remote support or £92 + VAT per hour for on-site support. 

THR Premium 

Number of employees 

Cost per month 

One-off, upfront payment










21 plus 

Please contact us 

Discounted ad-hoc payment for additional support is £75 + VAT per hour for remote support or £92 + VAT per hour for on-site support. 

Why do you charge a one-off, upfront payment as well as the monthly subscription payment?

The one-off, upfront payment is used to ensure that your dedicated business partner has the time to create your bespoke staff handbook and contracts of employment following the audit. We often go through several versions with you before finalising, which typically takes up to two weeks. 

What are the benefits of having a bespoke Staff Handbook and Contracts of Employment created?

Having a bespoke Staff Handbook and Contracts of Employment offers numerous benefits. These documents not only contain all the legally required information for your employees but also outline your business practices, employee expectations, and what your employees can expect from you. A bespoke handbook is tailored specifically to your business, including any additional clauses and policies you may need. Since every business and sector is unique, having experts create these documents for you saves time and ensures accuracy and compliance.

Can I add the one-off, upfront payment to the monthly subscription cost?

The one-off, upfront payment is typically required after the audit and before we start creating your bespoke staff handbook and contracts of employment. However, if you prefer to spread this cost over the 12-month subscription period, please let us know when you sign up, and we will discuss your options with you.

What if I already have a staff handbook and just want the security of the monthly subscription?

If you already have a staff handbook and contracts of employment, we will review them as part of the audit. If no new documents need to be created, you will not be charged the one-off, upfront payment. However, if we make recommendations and you decide to implement the changes, the payment will apply.  

What if I want a Staff Handbook and Contracts of employment only?

We are happy to create a staff handbook and/or contracts of employment only. The cost typically ranges from £650 to £1000, depending on your requirements. If you would like this option, please let us know when you get in touch.

What kind of support do you provide through unlimited calls?

Our unlimited telephone and video call service connects you with an expert to guide you through any HR issues that arise, ensuring they are handled correctly and in line with best practices. We know how quickly situations can escalate if not managed properly, so we’re here to help at every stage. After each call, we’ll provide written follow-up guidance. You can call back as often as needed to stay on track. Whenever possible, you’ll be assigned a dedicated business partner for consistent advice. Please note that while we strive for continuity, availability may vary due to holidays and busy periods.

What hours are you available by phone or email?

Our normal office hours are 9 am to 5 pm, Monday to Friday. However, we understand that some clients may need support outside of these hours due to the nature of their businesses. If you require out-of-office support, we can discuss this when we agree on terms.

What do I do if I need more support than telephone calls?

 If you encounter a complex case, such as a grievance or disciplinary matter, and prefer one of our experts to manage the process, we offer a discounted hourly rate (see pricing plan in the FAQs). This support can be provided virtually or on-site.

For arranging training or assistance with a project, simply contact us, and we’ll offer you a discounted day rate tailored to your requirements.

What is in the HR Document Portal?

Our HR Document Portal is packed with practical tools to ensure your organisation’s policies and procedures remain current and compliant. Here, you’ll find the latest legislation, guidance on HR procedures, best practices, and tools to effectively implement employment legislation. From letter templates to forms and step-by-step guidance covering all areas of people management, our portal is designed to guide you safely and confidently through processes. Additionally, we offer examples of completed letter templates, providing clarity on the level of detail required. Basically, we’ve got you covered!

What do I do if I access the HR Document Portal and can’t see the information I need?

If you access the HR Document Portal and can’t find the information you need, don’t worry. We continuously update the Portal with new templates and guidance. Simply let us know what you’re looking for, and we’ll promptly provide you with the necessary information. Once your needs are met, we’ll update the Portal to ensure the information is available to everyone. You will receive our contact details upon subscription and can email for a quick response. 

How do I get the documents I need from the Portal?

All of the documents are downloadable and customisable. In fact, you can also print off or download the webpages too as they are packed with useful information and flow charts to help you navigate processes. 

Do any of the packages include access to an HR System?

While none of our packages include access to an HR System by default, we strongly advise all small businesses to implement one. An HR system offers numerous benefits, such as eliminating the need for spreadsheets and preventing the oversight of important information. It will help you track and manage sickness absence, and handle holiday requests efficiently. Through our partnership with Breathe HR, we can secure a discounted, low-cost rate starting at just £19 per month, which can be added to your subscription upon request.

Do you offer employment law insurance?

We offer insurance against Employment Tribunal claims, covering compensation awards and associated legal fees, providing you with complete peace of mind should you face a claim. The cost typically ranges from £42 to £62 per month, depending on the number of employees and turnover. Upon following our advice, an employment lawyer will defend your claim, handling all correspondence. While there is an excess when making a claim, you are typically insured for up to £250,000 per claim. Specific costs can be provided on request.

What happens if I want to cancel?

If you wish to cancel your subscription, you have a cooling-off period of 7 calendar days from the date of subscribing. Simply contact us in writing by emailing Please note that if you download any material during this period or use our telephone service for advice, cancellation may not be possible.

If you decide to end your subscription after the initial 12-month period, we ask you to provide us with at least 60 notice days beforehand to prevent automatic renewal for another 12 months. You can find our full terms and conditions on our website.


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