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Our THR On Demand service is designed for those times when you need specialised support to tackle specific challenges.

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Whether it’s an employee dispute, a complex hiring process, or a legislative query, we’ve got you covered.

At Transforming HR, we’re committed to providing solutions tailored to your business, right when you need them.

Every business has unique needs, and we understand that. Our THR on-demand services are designed for those times when you need specialised support to tackle specific challenges.

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Grievance and Disciplinary

Grievances can happen at all levels of seniority within a business.

When a grievance is raised it can feel quite daunting, however, it is a way for the employees who raised the grievance to have their issues heard and addressed. Employers are responsible for ensuring that grievances are managed fairly and in line with Policy and Legislation.

Disciplinary is the process applied when there is evidence that standards are not being met. Where this is the case, it is vital that issues are addressed, and that appropriate action is taken to remedy matters. In some cases, such action will be in the form of a disciplinary hearing and the application of appropriate sanctions. As with Grievance, it is your responsibility as the employer to follow a fair process in line with Policy and Legislation.

How we can help

We will work within your policies and procedures to

  • Assess the issue and confirm the relevant process to follow
  • Hold the grievance hearing
  • Create a plan and identify all persons involved in the process including witnesses
  • Plan and prepare templates and scripts for the investigation’s meetings
  • Carry out the investigation meetings
  • Summarise and create the outcome reports with recommendations
  • Meet with the decision-maker to present the report
  • Provide template outcome letters
  • Advise on the Appeal Process

Difficult Conversations

A difficult conversation is one where the subject to be addressed is potentially contentious or sensitive and may elicit an emotional response.

Managers are required to have conversations as these provide an opportunity to resolve issues quickly and effectively and are often used to address performance or conduct matters or to deliver news that will not be well received.

how we can help

  • Upskill Managers to hold difficult conversations
  • Help support managers prepare for having specific conversations
  • Facilitate difficult conversations for managers and take required record
  • Provide tools and support to have difficult conversations
  • Advise on progressing difficult conversation topics to a formal process


An investigation is a fact-finding exercise to collect all the relevant information relating to an identified or potential issue.

Conducting a robust and fair investigation can enable full consideration to be given, allowing informed decision-making. Making a decision without completing a reasonable investigation can result in decisions or actions being unfair and leave an employer vulnerable to a claim.

how we can help

We can either support Investigating Managers or fully manage investigations on your behalf.

  • Scoping the requirements, understanding the issue and implications of the issueReviewing relevant Policies and
  • Procedures to be applied
  • Carry out the investigation, meeting all required individuals and recording meetings
  • Gather all other relevant documents and information within the scope of the investigation
  • Provide a full report of findings
  • Provide advice on next steps
  • Producing all relevant correspondence and advice required during the process
  • Preparing for an Appeal process and ensuring requirements are met


Recruitment and selection are two integral components of the hiring process that enables organisations to find and attract the best talent.

The recruitment part of the process involves identifying, attracting, and encouraging potential candidates to apply for vacancies. It involves creating awareness about opportunities and establishing a pool of qualified applicants. The selection component involves choosing the most suitable candidates from the recruited pool through various assessments, interviews, or evaluations. It aims to match the candidates’ skills, qualifications, and attributes with the job requirements.

How we can help

  • Meet with the manager to review the current job description and desired changes
  • Create an updated job description and person specification
  • Advise on the recruitment and interview plan and roles to be fulfilled
  • Place adverts and correspond with potential applicants if required
  • Sifting and shortlisting
  • Pre-interview meetings with clients where that is part of the recruitment plan
  • Interviewing with the manager or panel, taking notes
  • Inputting and supporting as required with decisions on successful candidates
  • Pre-employment checks
  • Support with onboarding plan

HR Audit

HR Audits are an effective way to ensure that your business is legally compliant in relation to HR requirements.

It also helps to identify improvements, introduce best practice, and reduce exposure to risk.

This process normally highlights several recommendations which may be implemented by you in both the short and long-term future.


  • Review your people policies and procedures
  • Ensure compliance in terms of employment law requirement
  • Meet with managers and staff to understand current issues and opportunities
  • Understand existing workforce challenges
  • Review the company culture and engagement levels
  • Identify skills gaps and how skills are utilised
  • Identify ways to future-proof workforces in line with business goals and future obligations
  • Provide a report including recommendations and findings

Absence Management

At the centre of every business is the well-being and effectiveness of its employees.

Just as the health of an individual is crucial, so too is the health of your workforce in maintaining productivity, morale, and service quality.

The reality of managing a team includes navigating the complexities of sickness absence. As a manager, understanding how to handle these absences is essential not only to ensure your business continuity but also for supporting your employees through their health challenges.

How we can help

  • Create and review current Sickness Absence Policy and Process
  • Review sickness absence statistics
  • Support Managers to manage individual cases
  • Provide templates and letters to support a robust management process
  • Providing advice on legislative requirements including Equality Act 2010
  • Upskilling Managers on dealing with employee absence effectively


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