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HR&OD Project Services

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Our Project Work services cover everything from organisational restructures to talent management strategies, ensuring each initiative aligns with your business goals. With our expertise, we’ll make sure your project not only runs smoothly but also has the maximum positive impact on your organisation.

Restructuring for Efficiency

Restructure and Reorganisation

Restructuring can be necessary for many reasons including responding to change, supporting continuous improvement, or meeting financial obligations.

Organisations need to have the right structure to best meet their services, financial constraints, and goals. Restructuring and reorganisation are tools to support organisations meeting these challenges.

How we can help

  • Identify the managers/partners to work with
  • Review the current overall structure
  • Review in more detail the job descriptions and person specifications
  • Identify where job descriptions are outdated and may require updating
  • Carry out a post-holder review
  • Identify opportunities and issues with service provision with internal partner
  • Identify all potentially impacted stakeholders
  • Create a communication and consultation plan
  • Present and discuss with senior staff alternatives and assist with decision-making.
  • Attend consultation meetings
  • Answer staff quires on the process
  • Support the implementation of the restructure
  • Review the project and identify any outstanding actions with managers

Team Ethos

Culture and Engagement

Taking a proactive approach to organisational culture and employee engagement can support organisations improve staff well-being, attract the best talent, reduce staff turnover and support increased productivity.

Culture relates to the working environment and is impacted by actions, practices, processes and behaviours. Engagement relates to how connected and motivated employees feel about the organisation.


  • Reviewing, refreshing, or creating organisational Values and integrating these
  • Leadership Development upskilling following the Patrick Lencioni 5 dysfunctions model
  • People Management upskilling
  • Supporting wellbeing through introduction of working practices e.g. Remote & Hybrid Working
  • Job description reviews
  • Independent service review
  • Staff engagement review

Redundancy management process


When dealing with redundancy, following the correct procedure is crucial.

Even in a genuine redundancy situation, failure to adhere to proper processes can result in a finding of unfair dismissal at an Employment Tribunal. It is vital to get sound advice to make sure your organisation meets its legislative obligations.


  • Review the Business Case and required outcomes
  • Develop a plan to follow
  • Create a communication and consultation plan.
  • Plan and attend consultation meetings
  • Provide advice on redeployment and job-matching exercises
  • Support in the decision-making
  • Provide templates and documentation
  • Answer questions and provide managers support
  • Advise on how to rebuild the team and progress post changes

Employee Development

Performance Management

Performance Reviews are designed to be an effective tool for evaluating employee performance, identifying learning needs, and uncovering development opportunities.

Reviews focus on accountability and help clarify expectations through mutual agreement. Effective reviews involve two-way conversations where both parties play an active role in the discussion.


  • Review existing performance management frameworks and processes
  • Suggest changes or support the creation of a new framework
  • Create documentation and help with recording and monitoring setup
  • Upskill managers to enable effective application of the process
  • Roll out to the whole organisation and embedding



Sickness absence can have a significant impact on both employees and businesses in terms of service delivery, cost, employee wellbeing and team morale.

Managers are responsible for managing sickness absence effectively and fairly to support both the business and its employees. Having effective Policies, Procedures and Processes will support effective management and help employers meet legislative requirements.


  • Review the current policies and processes
  • Update or create new policies and procedures as required
  • Create a consultation plan for staff
  • Upskill managers in line with new policies and procedures
  • Attend consultation meetings
  • Provide templates to support sickness absence procedures
  • Provide advice to managers on complex cases
  • Ensure compliance with legislation and best practice

Operational Directives

HR Policy and Procedures

Effective HR policies and procedures are vital to keep businesses safe, compliant and improve performance.

Policies and Procedures can become ineffective through changes in legislation or due to business changes. For this reason, it is important to ensure that they are reviewed on a regular basis.

How we can help

  • Full review of existing Policies and Procedures
  • Creation and provision of a full Policy suite
  • Upskilling managers on the use and application of Policy and Procedures
  • Provision of templates and guidance to support effective application and understanding
  • Recommendations relating to future-proofing and improving performance through Policies and Procedures


Pay Review

In today’s competitive market, it’s crucial to ensure you are paying employees what their roles are worth to retain the talent your business needs.

Without a fair and transparent system for evaluating and benchmarking salaries, your organisation could be at risk of legal claims. We collaborate with a provider that offers comprehensive evaluation processes, benchmarking, and other related services. Our team can project manage this for your organisation.

How we can help

  • Project Manage full or part of the project
  • Consultation with both employees and Union
  • Assist and train managers on a refresh of the job descriptions
  • Create an Appeals Process
  • The Rank Order of Roles within your Organisation
  • Develop a communication strategy
  • Assessment and review of the project


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