HR essentials PLUS by Transforming HR.

One-to-one HR support and access to a comprehensive HR documents library with everything you need to stay compliant.


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Our HR Essentials PLUS package gives you full access to our comprehensive HR documentation library and 3 hours of dedicated monthly support from an experienced HR Business Partner.

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One-to-one HR support from an experienced Hr Professional.

Transforming HR experts will work up to three hours monthly with you, providing advice and support tailored to your organisational needs.

Don’t worry if you don’t use your hours in a given month – we allow a rollover of unused hours for up to 6 months.

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Unlimited Access to our HR document and templates library.

Transforming HR Essentials offers access to our extensive online HR Documents Library.

Transforming HR’s HR documentation portal is an extensive online HR Documents Library contains everything you might need to stay compliant with HR legislation and more.

  • Employment contract templates
  • HR policies and procedures
  • vHuman Resources Management advice & guidance
  • kForms and letter templates
  • Employment legislation updates.

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HR Essential PLUS is Perfect for:

Our HR Essentials PLUS service is ideal for small businesses needing support with people management, employee relations, recruitment, growth, and more.

Larger organisations can also benefit from this level, using the dedicated hours for case discussions or support with strategy creation and project work.

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Free initial HR consultation for subscribers.

Upon subscribing, you will receive a free 30-minute phone or virtual call where we’ll guide you through the portal and conduct an HR Health and Compliance check – this allows us to inform you of the policies and documents we believe your business needs and where to find them in our HR library.

Our management guidance comprehensively guides you through HR processes, including disciplinary and grievance, ensuring best practices. You can also download letter templates and guidance on recruiting and onboarding new employees.

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HR Essential PLUS subscription costs?

Subscribers to our retained HR services can also benefit from discounts on ad hoc HR support and HR System Software.

Pay monthly

HR Essentials PLUS is a 12-month subscription that costs £320 + VAT monthly.

During the subscription, we will send you our latest news articles, update any policies, and inform you of the changes. In addition, subscribers benefit from discounts on ad hoc support and HR System Software.


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